WAWU Brand is an Amazon shop owner by Tobe, he was having issues with his sails as his product a KeepCup/Tumbler (Seen on the left) could only be sold an in a four-pack, as customers had asked about the single pack. 

Its was our mission to create a new package that could help WAWU Brand stand out in the market among the bigger companies, create a unique experience for the purchaser and of course increase sales of single packs. 

This was accomplished by extensive research, sketching, design creation and refinement and finally, the package design was prepared to be printed. We created a cylindrical package for the product and focused on the words, Sleek, Modern and reusable, to come up with a design that is sure to catch attention and create an unboxing experience like never before. 

Check out the full Case Study bellow. 

WAWU Brand Packaging