• Mark Hannafin

The 6 Steps for Desire

This is a blog on the steps involved in obtaining your desires. It is not about goal setting or how to achieve your daily or monthly goals. Rather, this is to aid in the obtainment of a ‘Burning Desire’. The steps involved are and have been in use for centuries and are considered to be integral in achieving your Desires.

Step One

Be definite as to that which you wish to achieve. 

Define precisely what you want to achieve whether it is a position in work, money, improving or finding a relationship, starting a family, buying or building your dream home, etc. You must identify exactly what you wish to have. If, for example, you want a better job or position within your existing job you must be able to identify the name/title, know what is involved, whether you will need your own office, what meetings you will need to attend and so on. Likewise, if you want greater financial gain, you must identify exactly how much money you desire. Know the amount and write it out.

Step Two

Determine what exactly you intend to give in return for your Desire.

You can’t get something for nothing. It is important to remember that to achieve any goal you must give something back. Now, don’t go running out to find a goat to sacrifice, what I mean is that we must know what to give up. If I wanted to lose weight I would have to give up fatty foods and sugary drinks. I may also have to spend less time on my couch and go to the gym. It is important from the outset to identify what you will have to give to obtain your desire. It can be something simple like giving time to your goal and is, in my opinion, the least you can give to your cause.

To get that which we desire, we must be ready to forgo instant pleasure for long-term happiness. Giving up pleasurable and or enjoyable things like nights out, the evening glass of wine or three-hour Netflix binge are necessary evils. My advice is to “begin with the end in mind”. If you find yourself stuck in a moral battle with yourself, it’s important to keep your desire firmly in mind.

Step Three

Define the date you will have achieved your Desire.

Establish a time and date when you want to have achieved your desire. This might seem easy, but I recommend thinking hard on how long it will take you to finish what you set out to do. Pick a date that is important to you; possibly an anniversary and set it as the day of completion. Try and be reasonable with yourself – do not set an unobtainable timeline and try not to take on too much at once. If my desire is to climb Mount Everest and I set out to achieve it in under two weeks from now, in reality, that is not going to happen. Give yourself time and be patient. Also, don’t be over generous either – wishing to buy your dream car and setting the date for five years hence, probably won’t happen either. Set a date that is obtainable and that will also push you to work faster and harder.

Step Four

Create a plan and put it into action.

Next, you must define what you need to do to make your desire a reality. This plan of action should be very detailed, identifying the areas you might need to improve in, what you need to learn if you need a mentor and what action you must take. If I wish to get fit and run a Marathon there are a few things I will need, proper gear to start, a gym membership to exercise, a diet plan in place, partake in smaller Marathon starting at 5k working up to 30K, and more than likely the advice and help of a mentor or fitness coach. This is only a small example of what a plan might look like. Your plan should be far more detailed and include specifics. For instance, a diet plan may include the type of food you can and can’t eat, what exercises to do, when and where, the days to take a break, what gym to go to, identifying when the marathon race is on. Each plan will be different and will be tailored to whatever your Desire is.

Knowing what needs to be done is a massive part of the preparation, but all the preparation in the world won’t do any good unless you take action. It is vital you take action. It shouldn’t matter if you never went to the gym before or if you don’t have running shoes. Make a start whether you are ready or not.

Step Five

Put it into writing.

Take time to state your desire in writing; write your desire in bold at the top of the page. Under that, you should have the date you wish to finish. Following that, what is it you intend to give in return for your chosen cause then clearly describe the plan you have put in place to act on to accumulate your desire. At the bottom sign your name. By signing your name, you commit to carry out what you have stated. Also, have someone you respect read over and sign their name to it also. Pressure from and peer or significant others can give you the extra motivation needed to make it happen.

Part Six

Read your desire statement aloud and visualise.

Each day read your statement of intent aloud to yourself preferably in the morning and again at night. Make it part of your routine. It shouldn’t take more than two minutes to read and should remind you to take action each day. Your desire will be greatly increased if you also visualise yourself already having achieved your desires in your mind’s eye. You must truly believe it is already in your possession. This is the most important part of the exercise. Simply saying the words aloud to yourself will have little effect unless you wholeheartedly believe that which you desire is already yours.

If you really want a thing, position, status, wealth, improved life whatever, by following these steps, taking action and staying true to yourself then your desires will be met. If you find yourself doubting these steps please note that these six steps were brought to light by Napoleon Hill, who spent twenty-five years of his life devoted to studying some of the most successful people in the world, including, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Charles M. Schwab and Theodore Roosevelt. It is also worth noting that Thomas A. Edison approved these steps as “necessary for the attainment of any definite goal”.

I do hope this helps you in obtaining your desires in life and I wish you all the best and every success.

Thank you for reading.