About Mark

I am twenty-seven years old and was born in Ireland. Being creative is something I love and have always been, Having discovered my interest in the subject of design I wanted to keep learning and discovering all the different creative fields such as graphic design, product design, branding, web design, etc. As a result, I am a highly skilled and creative graphic designer.


I want to create fantastic experiences for my clients; to create something memorable for everyone to enjoy, I wish to push the boundaries of graphic design and see what is possible within the information age. As technology grows and evolves so does design. This is a fun and exciting time to be part of a generation of enormous growth, I am eager to see where we're headed and want to be part of the future.



I really appreciate the work Graphic Designers do. The way they convey a message using two-dimensional language and imagery is something I find very interesting, For me, the sense of depth and illusion of three-dimensional elements on flat surfaces is intriguing and ads an extra attention-grabbing element to the work. This is something I would like to incorporate into my own designs in the future. 


Art and Design, has been a subject of intrigue for me since the time I was in school in my hometown. From there I commenced my education in the area of Art and Design starting with a fantastic year in Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE) in Co. Dublin. where I not only made great friends for life but further developed my life skills and my own personality. I continued my education at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Design and Digital Effects.